The opening ceremony will be held to commemorate the launch of Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society, which fosters knowledge professionals to lead super smart society. The WISE-SSS program is an education program for the new generation adopted by MEXT

Application: Please apply at the website by September 7.

Holding method: Online

  For details on how to participate, we will inform the applicants later.  


13:00Opening remarks by Dr. Kazuya Masu, President of Tokyo Institute of Technology
13:10Guest greetings by Mr. Akinori Mori, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
   Guest greetings by Mr. Takahiro Hagiwara, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
13:20About Super Smart Society Promotion Project (SSS Consortium+WISE-SSS)
   Prof. Nobuyuki Iwatsuki, Director of SSS Consortium, Tokyo Institute of Technology
   Prof. Tomohiko Uematsu, Dean of School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (WISE-SSS Program manager)
   Prof. Noriyuki Ueda, Dean of Institute for Liberal Art, Tokyo Institute of Technology
13:45Initiatives for super smart society in various fields and expectations for WISE-SSS program
   Prof. Takao Kashiwagi, Director of Solution Research Center for Advanced Energy Systems, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Representative of general advisers)
   Dr. Makoto Ando, National Institute of Technology (Representative of special advisors)
   Mr. Kazunori Sato, Kawasaki City (Representative of advisors from local government)
   Dr. Fumihide Kojima, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(Representative of research advisor)
   Dr. Nobuaki Kawahara, DENSO Corporation (Representative of company advisors)
   Dr. Thomas Haustein, Fraunhofer HHI (Representative of international advisors)
14:45Online photo session, Introduction of international advisors (pre-recorded video)
15:00Introduction to WISE-SSS program
   Prof. Kei Sakaguchi (Dean of Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society)
⇒ Presentation materials
   Introduction to SSS Research and Education fields (Live distribution)
   Quantum computing, Quantum sensor, Smart robotics, Smart mobility, TSUBAME+AI
16:30Closing remarks by Dr. Tetsuya Mizumoto, Executive Vice President for Education,Tokyo Institute of Technology

Moderator : Prof. Akinori Nishihara (Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart society, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
      Prof. Kayoko Nohara (School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology)