1. Opportunities to participate in research projects to create a super smart society in collaboration with consortium partners

  • Research projects related to fundamental technologies for a super smart society

    Students can conduct fundamental technology research projects towards a super smart society and cultivate interdisciplinary problem-solving skills under the mentorship of not only the students’ academic supervisors but also industrial and government advisors. A budget of 500,000 yen per year is allocated for student-initiated research.

  • Research projects to create a super smart society

    Research projects to create a super smart society aim to create research groups to solve interdisciplinary social issues. If such an interdisciplinary research team is established, a research fund of up to two million yen per year will be allocated for social implementation.

2. Unique educational programs in cooperation with society through the Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium

  • Courses related to the creation of a super smart society

    We develop courses in cooperation with the Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium’s participating organizations (national research institutes, private companies, municipalities, etc.). Students learn about current real-world issues & advanced technologies.

  • Cyber/physical off-campus project

    We provide opportunities to participate in internships at participating organizations of the Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium. Students learn skills necessary to lead a super smart society through a hands-on off-campus project in a variety of fields beyond their specialty.

3. Financial support that allows students to concentrate on their education and research.

The following financial support systems are available:

  • Super Smart Society Leadership Grant
  • Research Assistant(RA) employment to promote collaborative research in interdisciplinary fields

See Enrolled Students’ Support for more information.

4. Opportunities for joint research with overseas partner organizations and support for travel expenses

  • Global off-campus research project

    We provide opportunities to intern at a research organization of an overseas partner organization or consortium-participating organization for three months or more, and conduct global joint research related to the student’s research theme. A maximum of 800,000 yen per student is provided for travel expenses.

5. Career path support to join Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium–participating organizations