In the Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution, advanced science and innovative engineering have transformed our society. The next revolution is the fifth revolution, the realization of a super smart society. In order to realize a super smart society, it is essential to integrate physical space technologies such as machinery, electricity, and construction with cyber space technologies, as well as to combine advanced sciences and technologies, such as quantum science. Quantum science is a discipline based on quantum mechanics that governs the smallest unit of material and energy, “quantum.” The quantum computer that realizes massively parallel computing has dramatically improved the capabilities of artificial intelligence (such as deep learning). Also, it is expected that cryptographic communication will provide secure network technology and enable automated driving with IoT using quantum sensors with ultimate sensitivity.

This educational curriculum aims to realize a super smart society based on quantum science through a degree program that integrates master and doctoral courses. The objective is to train super-skilled PhD holders with technical and professional knowledge capable of leading multiple sectors of a future super smart society.

This program cultivates five essential skills to realize a future Super Smart Society based on quantum science, in addition to teaching specialized courses where the students enroll.

  • Make core skills rooted in quantum science and artificial intelligence available to all academics.
  • Encourage original research spanning the domains of cyber and physical space.
  • Enhance the big picture from quantum science to Super Smart Society.
  • Innovate interdisciplinary research to create super smart society
  • Promote a talented and seamless leadership between academia, government, and industry.

These skills are realized by the 13 measures:

Cultivation of specialized academic abilities & creativities

  • Courses related to the basic quantum science and artificial intelligence
  • Cyber/Physical specialized subjects
  • Cyber/Physical cross mentor system

Cultivation of broad perspectives through social collaborations

  • Courses related to super smart society creation subjects
  • Super smart society creation subjects

Cultivation of critical-thinking skills to solve interdisciplinary issues

  • Interdisciplinary matching workshop
  • Intensive practice for interdisciplinary research planning
  • Super smart social basic technology research project
  • Super smart society creation research project

Cultivation of global leadership development

  • Global leadership cultivation subjects
  • Global forum for super smart society
  • Global off-campus research project
  • Overseas mentor system

For details, please check out the curriculum.

Management system of Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society


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