Can I apply to other academies (programs) at the same time?

You can apply for both, but you can only register for one academy (program).

When can I apply for registration?

You can apply for spring registration around February and for fall registration around August. In addition to these, there may be additional registration calls.

What are the registration requirements?

The registration requirements are (1) and (2) below.

(1) acquired one or more credits from Cyber-Physical Off-Campus Project courses (Study guide: Table 1), or finished a relevant off-campus project and be expected to acquire the credits of these courses. In cases where there is no official document certifying the course credits acquired, applicants may submit a copy of a completion certificate or equivalent document issued by the organization that facilitated relevant off-campus projects. In addition, if you had regular employment or internship experience at a company or an institution, the applicants may use that certificate of employment or internship to replace credit requirement for the cyber/physical off-campus project subjects in Table 1.
(2) participated and made a research presentation in the interdisciplinary research matching workshops (Study guide: Table 3- 2) organized by WISE-SSS.

One of the registration requirements is to take the "Off-Campus Project". Do I need to get credit for it?

Credits are not necessarily required. If you had regular employment or internship experience at a company or an institution, the applicants may use that certificate of employment or internship to replace credit requirement for the cyber/physical off-campus project subjects (Study guide: Table 1). For more information, please contact the WISE-SSS office.

I have not decided yet to go on to the doctoral course. Can I register for WISE-SSS?

Since WISE-SSS is an integrated master’s and doctoral degree program, students cannot complete WISE-SSS without entering a doctoral program. Therefore, students are strongly recommended to enter the doctoral program.

SSS Interdisciplinary Matching Workshop

What is the SSS Interdisciplinary Matching Workshop?

We aim to build interdisciplinary research teams that cross fields by matching the needs of the Consortium partners with the seeds of the research and human resources of faculties and students at Tokyo Tech. For that purpose, the event provides opportunities for interactive discussions between faculties/students in various fields and the Consortium partners. In addition, participation with seed presentation in the workshop is a prerequisite to enroll in the WISE-SSS.

When are the events held?

It is usually held twice a year (around June and November). The schedule is tentative and may change every year, so please contact the SSS Promotion Consortium secretariat or the office for WISE-SSS.

I can only participate in either the needs round or the seeds round.

In principle, you should attend both days. If there is a conflict with other academic activities e.g. conferences, please consult with the Matching Workshop Secretariat.

Is it possible to participate as an audience?

Currently, we do not allow participation as an audience. Please feel free to join the workshop and present your seeds or research ideas.

Is the presentation at the Matching Workshop to be a public knowledge case?

This is a closed conference, so it is not a public knowledge case.

What are "Lightning Talk" and "Individual Session"?

A ” Lightning Talk ” is an opportunity for each participant to make a one-minute presentation in a general session using slides that outline the content of their research. The purpose of this is to get people interested in the research and to encourage them to come to the Individual Session. “In the Individual Session, each participant can introduce their research in detail and exchange opinions. In the case of face-to-face sessions, posters are presented, but in the case of online sessions, a room is set up for each student, and explanations are given using PowerPoint and other supportive materials. Please make sure to obtain permission from your supervisor for your presentation.

What is the presentation language?

Materials should be prepared in English. Either English or Japanese is acceptable as the presentation language.

I don't have enough research content to present yet.

You do not need to have any research results yet. Please consult with your supervisor to obtain permission on the selected topic, and feel free to participate as an opportunity to “introduce your research ideas”.

How does the matching process work?

After the workshop, participating consortium partners and students will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about their matching preferences. If both sides agree on a contact request, the SSS Promotion Consortium Secretariat will contact the faculty supervisor and the student to arrange a meeting to discuss the collaborative matching. If there is a company/organization you are interested in, we encourage you to contact them directly during the individual sessions.

Can I register for WISE-SSS even if I have not been matched with an SSS promotion consortium partner at the Matching Workshop?

You can register for WISE-SSS even if you are not matched with an SSS promotion consortium partner.

For more detail, please refer to the SSS Promotion Consortium website.

Taking WISE-SSS courses

Can I count a course's credits toward the completion requirements for the course I have selected and also for WISE-SSS?

Some courses can be counted and some cannot. For more details, please refer to the study guide: Table 3-1.

Can I take courses offered by WISE-SSS before I register for WISE-SSS?

Yes, you can. However, there are some courses that only WISE-SSS registered students can take, so please check the syllabus.

Will it be too much work to complete the WISE-SSS? Is it possible to balance the completion of the course I have selected?

Please make a course completion plan in advance and consider whether it is possible to balance the two. In some cases, courses you have already taken can be counted for the WISE-SSS completion requirement.

How long is the off-campus project required to get the career development course credits needed to complete the doctoral program?

The number of credits for career development courses required for completion of the doctoral course is 4.(Please refer to ” Liberal Arts and Basic Science Courses, Career development courses”). WISE-SSS has the following courses that can be recognized as career development courses, and the duration of the off-campus project is as described.

■ Cyber-Physical Off-Campus Project for Career Development (D) 1
  Credits: 2, Off-campus project period: 1 to 2 months
■ Cyber-Physical Off-Campus Project for Career Development (D) 2
  Credits: 4, Off-campus project period: 2 months or more

Mid-term review

When will the mid-term review be held?

Normally, it is held twice a year, around September and March.

What are the requirements for the mid-term review?

Can I have a registration screening and a mid-term review at the same period?

If you meet the requirements listed in the “Mid-term Review” in the study guide, you can take the midterm review at the same period as the registration screening. If you are applying for an additional application, and the period of the mid-term review and registration will be different, you cannot have them at the same period.

For more details about WISE-SSS, from registration to completion, please refer to the study guide.

Financial support

How much support can I receive?

The amount of the SSS doctoral leadership scholarship depends on the amount of other financial support you receive. For more details, please refer to the WISE-SSS website.